James Polk wins Dream On writing contest.

James' Letter

Winning composition by James Polk:

On November 15th, I attended my first funeral. I never thought I would have to see someone so close to me get burried into the ground. Never have I thought that losing someone you love feel so awful! If I have a chance to see someone dead, it would be my grandma.

When my grandma died I never got a chance to tell her bye. The last time I saw my grandma she was doing so good. It did not look like she was doing bad. Everything about her was so exciting because she was always a happy person and kept the family together.

If I get to see my grandma again I would ask her why? Why did she have to go so soon? I would ask my grandma how does it feel to be dead, and how does heaven look? I would ask my grandma does she miss us like we all miss her? I really miss my grandma presently and miss being around someone so happy. I wish I could see her one last time and just tell her bye and I love her.