Jalia Gaston

jalia-gastonThe first thing you will notice about Jalia is her smile. I can guarantee it, because she smiles a lot. When I asked what to write about her, she immediately said that she loves to play, laugh and learn. She loves everybody and cares about others.

Jalia has participated in all the Dream On Kids activities so far, both summer camps, all the holiday parties, the after school programs and tutoring. Continue reading

Dream On Kids Perform in Play, Precious Gift

504x324xAnissaP20BellP20ArmoneP20HarrisP20andP20ChaniyaP20GantP20perform.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.IhTSV7JYQyEight Dream On Kids were spectacular in their first performance on stage. Precious Gift was produced by the Cleveland Bureau of Cultural Arts and directed by Chris Luciani. Anissa Bell,Chaniya Gant, Armone Harris, and Adrienne Ward were Gummy Bears, Antonio Bridgit, Elijah Hall, and James Polk were in the Mouse Army and Darryl Grimes was a Hip Hop Clown. Along with more than 30 other children, they told the story of a homeless girl alone on Christmas Eve. Continue reading

Nottingham Youth Center Tutors Dream On Kids

nottingham-youth-center-tutors-dream-on-kidsThe Dream On Kids that attend Hannah Gibbons-Nottingham School attend tutoring every Monday and Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00. Mim Conway and Mark Young meet the children on the playground or in the gymnasium at the end of the school day. After 10 to 15 minutes of play to expend some energy, the kids walk two blocks to Nottingham United Methodist Church, home of the Nottingham Youth Center. The children sign in, eat a snack and pair up with phenomenal volunteers to do their homework. Reading, book reports, math exercises and educational games expand the childrenʼs learning. Continue reading