Dream On Kids attend John Hay High Schools


The John Hay Campus, completely renovated in 2006, houses three selective high schools.  Three Dream On Kids completed the application process, qualified with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and are privileged to attend one of these schools.

Jordan Bennett, Jada Francis and Nyandia Ballah attend selective high schools on the John Hay Campus

Jordan Bennett, Jada Francis and Nyandia Ballah attend selective high schools on the John Hay Campus

Jada Francis attends the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine.  The school is a nationally accredited biomedical science program and has been rated one of America’s best high schools by U.S. News & World Report.  Imagine observi

ng a live surgery at Cleveland Clinic or University Hospitals, touring medical and science museums in the region or taking part in semester-long research projects alongside college students at Case Western Reserve University.  

Nyandia Ballah and Jordan Bennett attend the Cleveland School of Architecture and Design.  This is a place where students are encouraged to explore their affinity for design as it relates to changing their environment and enriching their community.  At both schools, 100% of the students graduate in 4 years, prepared for higher education.

Congratulations and best to these students.  Their hard work is taking them places!

Jalia Gaston attends selective VASJ High School

Jalia Gaston is happy at VASJ High School

Jalia Gaston is happy at VASJ High School

After graduating from Horizon Science Academy Middle School with honors, top student Jalia Gaston is attending Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in Collinwood.  VASJ High School is a Catholic, comprehensive college-preparatory school rooted in the Ursuline and Marianist traditions and committed to the spiritual, academic, and personal growth of each student.

When you become a student at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School, you become a member of a faith family where everyone knows you. It is a place where you can deepen your relationship with Christ, develop your intellect, follow your passions, assert your individuality and create high school memories that will last a lifetime.

VASJ prepares students for college and much more. They offer a broad and rich curriculum tailored to individual student needs and interests for college preparation and life. Advanced Placement and Honors classes are offered in a wide range of disciplines, and with a 10:1 student-teacher ratio, personal attention for students who need academic support is always available. Ninety-eight percent of VASJ students go on to further education at distinguished colleges and universities across the country.  For more information go to:   http://vast.com

Four Dream On Kids attend Ginn Academy

Antonyo Mayhew in Ginn uniform

Antonyo Mayhew in Ginn Academy attire

Antonyo Mayhew, Malcolm Meadows Jr., James Polk and Da’Quawntye White are all Dream On Kids attending Ginn Academy.

Ginn Academy is the only all male public high school in the state of Ohio.  Ted Ginn Sr. started the school in 2007 to serve at risk young men.  The school boosts a 100% promotion rate between grades and a  94.4% graduation rate after 4 years.  Compare that to Collinwood High School with 62.4% graduation rate!

Ginn Academy was founded by Ted Ginn Sr., who provides motivation and inspiration. He often speaks at the daily morning session. A fixture in the hallways, Ginn dispenses hugs, one-on-one pep talks and reminders to the boys to tuck in their shirts.  When asked to explain the schools success, he responds, “Through a personal relationship, individualizing the school experience, a student having a personal desire to be here, the parents choosing the school, and teachers being selected on the basis of skill and competence and not seniority are all variables that contribute to our success.”  Ginn Academy classes are smaller than the city’s average, and teachers are asked to be more involved.  Each student is assigned a mentor who is on call 24/7.

So Dream On Young Men….work hard and the future is yours!

Dream On Families prepare for Parade the Circle June 14th!


The Dream On Kids Jazz Band will be marching and Dream On Families will be dancing for Parade the Circle June 14th!

For more information, check out the link below:



Dream On Kids Band is directed/conducted by Randy Woods; The Music Settlement lent us the instruments and are offering the instruction free of charge!  http://www.thecmss.org/about/


The DOKs tie dye fabric for pants to be worn in Parade the Circle.

The DOKs tie dye fabric for pants to be worn in Parade the Circle.

Dorian Mills attends Milton Hershey School

Dorian with his father Joe, mother Heather and little brother Quintin

Dorian with his father Joe, mother Heather and little brother Quintin

Dorian Mills, one of our  Dream on Kids, is attending Milton Hershey School in  Hershey, Pa.  We are so proud of his accomplishments, including Boy Scouts and soccer.  He is working hard at his studies and upon graduation from high school could receive up to $80,000 in scholarships for his higher education.

The Milton Hershey School serves children in financial and social need by providing them with an education, board, health care, clothing and recreational opportunities with no financial obligation to their family.  Congratulations Dorian, keep up the good work!


100+ Women Who Care support the Dream On Kids


Selfie of Chaniya Gant, Armone Harris and Jalia Gaston, all Horizon Science Academy students.

On January 28th, the Dream On Foundation was granted at least $10,000 from the 100+ Women Who Care: Western Reserve.  The group meets quarterly and chooses one organization to support.  Mim Conway, the founder of Dream On Foundation, gave a compelling presentation and was awarded the grant.  The money will be used to provide transportation for the nine Dream On Kids enrolled in Horizon Science Academy, a high-achieving charter school.

Summer Camp 2010 Dream On Kids Explore Collinwood

(Originally Published in the Collinwood Observer)

The Dream On Foundation adopted a first grade classroom at Hannah Gibbons- Nottingham School in 2008. The foundation promises these 25 kids that, if they graduate high school on time (2020), the foundation will grant scholarships for post secondary education that leads to employment. Until then, the foundation helps the Dream On Kids succeed in school by offering them opportunities and supports such as tutoring, after school programming, summer camp, support to parents and other activities. This summer they attended camp right here in the Collinwood neighborhood.

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Precious Gift Play at Cleveland Convention Center

Eight of the Dream On Kids were in the play “Precious Gifts” performed at the Cleveland Convention Center Little Theater Friday evening, December 17, 2010.  Chaniya Gant, Anissa Bell, Armone Harris and Adrienne Ward performed as Gummy Bear Dolls.  Antonio Bridget, Elijah Hall and James Polk acted as soldiers in the Mouse Army.  Darryl Grimes brought about the role of the Hip Hop Clown.  The play was directed by Chris Luciani from the Cleveland Bureau of Cultural Arts and produced by Rainey Institute.  The Dream On Families cheered the kids on as they did a fabulous job!


After School Program

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2nd Semester 4:00 to 5:00 Last year, the Dream On Kids enjoyed getting together once a week after school. Darrell Weaver, an instructor from Rainey Institute, lead us through acting games and the process of writing, acting and performing a play, “Our Dreams”. Drama is know to give the kids confidence speaking in front of others and increase self esteem. And, Mim Conway and the kids had a great time together! Continue reading